Waxinajar - Candles

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Waxinajar is all about creating the perfect wood wick candle in a jar using 100% natural soy wax!
Hand poured with love.



BERRY COMPOTE - freshly picked berries, blooming roses with a hint of lemon and spices.
CARAMEL & FIG  - caramel, fig leaves & coconut swirled with vanilla bean fresh peach & passionfruit.
DARK DESIRE - sandalwood, patchouli, cinnamon & clove with a hint of jasmine & thyme.
COSMOPOLITAN - pineapple, orange & cranberry swirled with coconut, banana, & a splash of peach.
FRUIT TANGLE - kiwi fruit, mango & grapefruit tangled with banana, strawberries & vanilla bean.
SINUS RELIEF - eucalyptus, peppermint & menthol with a hint of lavender.
SWEET TIGERLILY - tigerlily, patchouli, juicy casaba melon, pineapple & musk.
PEACH & MUSK - white peach & musk, fresh roses, violet & heliotrope.
TANGERINE & GUAVA - zesty lemon & guava, fresh peony, geranium & violet.
BERGAMOT LANE - bergamot, saffron aniseed & cedar cinnamon, vanilla, musk & patchouli.
CEDAR & SPICE - spicy cinnamon & cedar stacked with peach, strawberry & hint of patchouli & orange.

BLACK RASPBERRY - blackberries & raspberries harmonised by creamy vanilla & musk.
LEMONGRASS LIME - lemongrass & persian lime swirled with zesty lemon peel.
COCONUT SPLICE - creamy coconut milk spliced with lemon, lime & vanilla.
LOTUS FLOWER - white lotus, vanilla & patchouli combined with jasmine & citrus.
MOROCCAN SPICE - sticky honey, moroccan souk spices, nutmeg combined with bergamot & sandalwood.