Thurlby Herb Farm - Drawer Sachets

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Thurlby Aromatherapy Drawer Sachets provide the ideal way to keep your clothing smelling fresh whilst deterring moths and pesky bugs in the process.

Containing essential oils in a solid base, the scent will eventually fade, to revive, simply open the sachet and scrape the surface of the block inside then replace in the sachet.

Directions for Use: Place the unopened aromatherapy drawer sachet in your drawer or wardrobe.

Dimensions: 10cm x 13cm

Handmade in Walpole, Western Australia using herbs grown on Thurlbys own farm. Thurlbys business is founded on strong environmental and ethical principles. Their product packaging is predominantly made from recycled cotton fibre by product from the clothing industry.

All natural, contains no phthalates, preservatives or artificial scents.