Stonz & Flamez - Candle - Bryant

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Made from our custom formulated natural soy wax blend, and hand-poured in small batches.  

Size 3.5 x 25 cm

Material: Unscented Natural Soy Wax blend

Each of our candles is crafted by hand, ensuring that no two candles are identical. The presence of subtle imperfections and color divergences adds to their exceptional uniqueness. 

Nitty Gritty 

  1. Trim wick to 1cm to remove the  tag
  2. Trim wick before lighting each time
  3. Place burning candles 10cm apart 
  4. Avoid drafts to prevent drip & smoke
  5. Use a heat-proof non-flammable plate or tray to collect
  6. Discard candle when only 1cm of wick remains

Store in dry cool room

Never leave burning candles unattended