Mindful Cacao - Ceremonial Cacao - Signature Blend 250gm

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Mindful Cacao’s Signature Blend Ceremonial Cacao is delicious and creamy.

It is 100% organic, fair trade and vegan made from the finest quality Peruvian Criollo Cacao.

Each package is 250g and comes as small pebbles for your convenience.

The aim at mindful cacao is to honour the cacao plant, the land, the farmers, and their communities, to bring you the highest quality ethically sourced cacao.

The cacao is created in small batches with each batch being blessed with positive intention and love to help you with your wellbeing and spiritual journey.



98% Ceremonial Cacao Mass, 2% Panela and Vanilla Bean extract.



  • Great source of protein, fibre, healthy fats and minerals for overall wellbeing
  • Full of antioxidants for great skin, brain health and reducing inflammation
  • Heart Opening – theobromine in cacao increases blood flow to the heart
  • Supports emotional well-being and reduces stress
  • Improves focus and energy enhancing meditation