Let them Play Toys - StoryScene - Road Signs

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The StoryScene Collection has been designed to create unlimited Small World Stories for your children. Bringing a vertical element into their play setups, each road sign comes with its own base and stands alone without the aid of a StoryScene stand allowing greater range of use.

Perfect to add to any streetscape or car game, not only are the Road Signs fun, but could assist in raising awareness of road safety issues with your child.  The Road Sign range includes a:

  • Stop Sign
  • Round-a-bout sign
  • Traffic Light
  • Pedestrian Crossing sign
  • Train Sign
  • Bike Sign
  • School Zone Sign

The unique wood grains will vary between each piece. We believe that this adds to the character and shows the true beauty of natural wood. Each piece has been dyed by hand using Eco wooden inks. Colours may appear slightly different from photos due to variations in lighting and the natural nature of how different wood grains absorb colour.

Each STORYSCENE piece is the original design of Julie from Let Them Play Toys.