Waxinajar - Candles - S wick

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Waxinajar is all about creating the perfect wood wick candle inaJar using 100% natural soy wax!
Hand poured with love...


Approx 100hrs burn time



Tranquillity - Bergamot, citrus, wild jasmine, cedarwood, amber, musk, pine and hint of spice


Berries and Bubbles - Ripe Strawberries and Raspberries, champagne and roses.


French Lavender - Freshly picked lavender and crisp lemon verbena


Pepperberry Pear - French pear with a pop of pepper, bergamot, licorice and vanilla bean.


Wild Orange - wild current and sweet ripe oranges blended with lemon, pineapple, sandalwood and cardamon.