Terms and Conditions



1) Product Selection

Applications are open to any handmade and speciality business.

HomeGrown reserves the right to approve and select any and all products displayed in our store. We do try and keep stockists as local as possible, but are open to people further out, items dependent. Whilst we try not to double up on similar stock, this may occur on occasion. We will only allow this, if there is an obvious point of difference.

HomeGrown reserves the right to discontinue working with any maker once the initial time period is completed.

2) Applications

Applications will be reviewed weekly and makers will be contacted upon acceptance. If we don’t have space at the time, we may also offer a business, space on our waiting list.

3) Rent Payments

a) Our contract period is for a month at a time. We have three rental options:

- $60pm +GST and 5% commission on all sales
- $140pm +GST and 5% commission on all sales
- $240pm +GST and 5% commission on all sales

- Should a maker only have very few items in the shop, we may consider a commission-only arrangement. This would be based on 35% to the shop and 65% to the maker.

b) Successful applicants will be sent an invoice for their rent 
c) Rent is expected to paid IN FULL within the time frame stated on the invoice. 
d) HomeGrown Gifts reserves the right to regularly view their pricing structure, and any changes will be conveyed to makers in advance.
e) Rent payment is not refundable.
f) If you are unable to pay your rent on time, please contact us to discuss an agreeable extension period. If rent is not received by the agreed date, payment for sales will be withheld until rent payment is received. Please note we pay sales into your bank account at the start of a new month. 

4) Insurance

a) HomeGrown has insurance (fire and theft) on the building as well as public liability.
b) You must have your own product liability insurance in case of any liability claim arising from your product. If you do not have this, we require you to sign our waiver accepting all responsibility for your items.
c) All HomeGrown staff will be vigilant in monitoring customers, however, we WILL NOT be held responsible for any loss or damage of goods. The shop is fitted with 4 security cameras.

5) New Stock into Shop:

a) Initial stock will be received at the store at an agreed time and date – during shop hours please. 
b) A stock report is to be provided in advance by email plus a hard copy brought along with the stock so that we can verify that it all matches.
c) All products must be clearly labled and priced before coming into the store
d) If you’d like to use your own displays, please mark these clearly (any electrical items need to be tagged and tested). If you require power, please include this in your application.
e) You are encouraged to leave business cards, small care & instruction sheets, packaging and any other materials relevant to your product or business.
f) If you are planning to remove stock from the shop, you are required to give us 24 hours’ notice – on a day when the shop is open. A staff member will check the take-out list and amend the database accordingly.
g) Should either yourself or HomeGrown choose not to extend your contract period, you have 14 days to collect your stock from the store. Your stock will be packed together with any business cards, display items etc and you will be notified when it is ready for collection. Should you not be able to collect your stock in the given timeframe, please contact us to make alternative arrangements. Failure to do so will result in your goods being given to a charity of our choice.

6) Product Positioning

a) No maker will have a designated space within the shop.  We are always changing and shifting items around to make the shop feel beautiful and different and will move these around the store and window depending on our merchandising strategy and season. 

7) Advertising 

a) Window signage
b) Facebook and Instagram Advertising
d) Flyer distribution at markets available
f) Website
g) We aim to promote your business and products both through our HomeGrown store and our social media. Please do the same for us and your fellow makers. The more people who share, the more followers, the more customers. It’s in everyone’s best interest to cross-promote!
i) Please regularly supply recent photographs of your products to us by email to homegrowneventsvic@gmail.com, this will be helpful with social media promotions and inclusions for the website.

8) Selling your items

a) We are devoted to selling creative items that we love at our store. We do have 2-3 passionate staff members who work in store during the month. If your products have any special requirements, care instructions or ‘have a story’, please let us know in writing so we can familiarize ourselves with your product and share this with the customers. We run 4 regular events throughout the year that we encourage you to attend and interact with customers and learn about other products and makers in store.

9) Returns

a) Products will only be refunded within 7 days of purchase and if there is an obvious fault with the product. Goods that are returned to the store and refunded will be deducted from your monthly sales. We will inform you if this happens.

10) Packaging

a) HomeGrown provides a variety of Kraft bags and tissue paper for wrapping your goods. However, should your product require special packaging (bubble wrap, tiny bags, boxes etc) we ask that you please provide these to us, so that your product can be packaged correctly. For instance, jewellery pouches carrying your logo can be a great gift incentive and make a huge difference.

11) Sales Reports

a) Sales reports will be uploaded into the Google Drive within 7 working days from the end of the month.
b) End of Month Sales reports will not be emailed to you; you will be given access to your Google Drive where you can access all your data.
c) Payments for sales (less commission) will be deposited into your nominated bank account within 7 working days from the end of the month.
d) Should you notice any discrepancy on your sales report and payment for sales received, please notify us in writing immediately.

12) Re-Stocking

a) A stock sheet showing incoming stock must be emailed to homegrowneventsvic@gmail.com before bringing stock into the store.
b) A hard copy of your stock sheet must be attached to your incoming stock to be checked by staff.
c) Stock can be dropped at the shop any time during trading hours.
d) It is the maker’s responsibility that all products are clearly marked and tagged
e) We will notify you if your stock is running low, however, we suggest that you monitor your stock via your monthly sales and stock reports and replenish stock accordingly.
f) Feel free to email for up-to-date stock levels 

13) VIP Sales

a) We run 4 special events during the year. You will be notified before these occur. It is your preferance if you offer a sale or not for these events.
b) You are welcome to run a sale on your products in store at any time. We ask that you provide the signage and help with advertising.

14) Communication

a) Feedback is always welcome. Don’t hesitate to contact us (preferably via email) if you have any suggestions or ideas on what we could improve, or to tell us what worked well for you.
c) Please conduct yourself appropriately when dealing with customers
d) Slander of HomeGrown Gifts or any staff member will not be tolerated under any circumstances, either verbally, in writing or on social media. Anyone caught doing so, will have their stock removed from the shop floor and any sales amounts outstanding or remaining rent will be forfeited.
e) There is a no-smoking rule inside the shop.

15) Agent

a) It is important to note that whilst your products are stocked at HomeGrown, they still remain your property. HomeGrown are purely acting as agents to sell your products on your behalf.