Tea Tonic - Detox Pack - 6 Loose Leaf Travel Tins

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Ok, so we all shower daily, cleansing the surface of our skin of its daily grim. Now it's time to take the same care with your body internally. Detoxing should be part of our daily ritual and as we wake from fasting overnight with simple restorative sleep, it is the ideal time for a gentle cleanse.

Drink this combination of teas between meals and you will find yourself less likely to overindulge and your body will love you right back.

This pack contains: 

  • 1x Coffee Addict Tea Loose Leaf Travel Tin
  • 1x Longevity Tea Loose Leaf Travel Tin
  • 1x Complexion Tea Loose Leaf Travel Tin
  • 1x Control Cramp Tea Loose Leaf Travel Tin
  • 1x Berry Green Tea Loose Leaf Travel Tin
  • 1x Thirst Quencher Tea Loose Leaf Travel Tin

Each Travel Tin contains approximately 6 serves of tea.