Tarquin Lavender - Mim's Magic

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This Australian-made product will astound with its benefits.
Use topically when needed and apply 10 minutes following to enhance.
Our active natural ingredients include and may assist:
  • Lavender, which renews cells, heals and relieves pain and kills bacteria
  • Comfry, which acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • Tea Tree, which fights off infection and has antibacterial agents
  • Eucalyptus, which has a calming effect and is a natural antiseptic
  • Rosemary, which helps with circulation and is a muscle relaxant
  • Vitamin E, which renews moisture, rids free radicals and protects cell membranes
  • Olive Oil, which has anti-ageing qualities and activates healthy cells
  • Almond Oil, which helps the balm absorb quickly into skin and balances water loss
  • Sage, which fights injury, is a bone healer and is the balm’s preservative
  • Bees Wax, which has an antibiotic effect and creates a protective seal


For thousands of years and today it has to be the most loved and used essential oil, probably the one with the widest impressive use of applications. Lavender is safe, versatile, and gentle and may be used undiluted over small areas. The essential oil with its “balancing” qualities is steam-distilled from the flowing tops to aromatic leaves. Lavender Angustifolia – for its softer, sweeter scent, English lavender is not from England at all but from southern Europe, where it is cultivated for the perfume industry. The perfume is comfortingly familiar, fresh, clean, floral, and soft and it blends with most other oils.