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ELKON planetary mixers are designed to perform high mixing performance even for the challenging applications and mostly preferred for producing precast concrete products such as low or zero slump precast concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, self-compacting concrete, etc. They provide the highest homogeneous mixture even in shorter mixing time as the mixer turret is rotating around the mixer center point and in the meantime mixing stars connected to this turret are circumvolving.jsmixergj

Advanced Features of ELKON Planetary Mixers

High mixing performance even for challenging concrete applications

High mixture homogeneity in shorter mixing time

High wear-resistant mixer wearing parts

Easy maintenance due to wide maintenance gates and bolted type replaceable linings

Italian gearbox (COBRA)

Low maintenance cost

Steel body of ELKON planetary mixers are specially designed to provide high durability and long life time. The replaceable inner linings are made of wear resistant Hardox 450 wear plates (SSAB-Swedish) and the mixing paddles are highly wear-resistant cast steel (NiHard 4).

Mixer maintenance can be done easily thanks to galvanized wide maintenance gates.

ELKON planetary mixers are available in a wide range of capacities from 0,25 m³ to 2 m³ concrete discharge per batch. Depending on the request, they can be optionally equipped with 2 or more discharge gates, manual sampling device, high pressure mixer washing system, humidity and temperature sensor, camera, etc.

ELKON Concrete Batching Plants is continuing its sales in Dubai which is known with its most prestigious and impossible to succeed projects defined by expressions like world’s biggest, world’s largest and first in the world etc.

Our company which is the solution partner of the special projects with its 40 years of experience has just added a new concrete plant for precast in the region.

Elkomix-90 PL Concrete Batching Plant which is designed especially for the factory of the client built on 16.000 m² indoor areas with 3 halls which produces precast concrete products like hollow core, concrete panels, barrier, column and beam has been commissioned successfully in the past months by the engineers of ELKON.

As the factory area does not allow the build a concrete ramp for the aggregate loading, the aggregate storage silo with 4*20 m³ storage capacity are placed as embedded in the ground to be able to load the aggregate from ground level.

The concrete batching plant which is equipped with 2250/1500 l. ELKON Planetary Mixer (1,5 m³ vibrated concrete in each batch) has three separate mixer discharge and the distribution of the concrete can be realized with the two units of High-Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket which are located in the discharge of the two discharge points of mixer.

If desired, ready mix concrete production is being performed, truck mixer can be supplied by the third mixer discharge chute.

One of the bins of the aggregate storage silo of the Elkomix-90 Concrete Batching Plant is equipped with modular type aggregate precise weighing system with elastic suspension for the weighing of the special aggregate material which is being used by the client in several products in a accurate rate.

Thanks to this system and special automation system, the weighing of the desired amount of material can be done most accurate way.