60 Years of Innovation! we manufacture and sell concrete and aggregate production equipment, such as concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, truck mixer, sand making machine, ect.

concrete batching plant

Equipment For Concrete Producers Since 1963, Simem has been committed to manufacturing environmentally-conscious batching plants and mixing equipment for the production of concrete.

concrete batching plant

With the FIVETECH Series Euromecc transforms the concept of mobile batching plant, realizing a really versatile and competitive range of products. FIVETECH Series is able of high performances, till now considered inconceivable for a mobile batching plant. The production’s cycle, which reaches 130 m3/h of concrete, is only comparable to a significant stationary batching plant. Cement storage capacity is high too, in order to guarantee the daily requirement at the building site. FIVETECH Series is equipped with excellent automation systems and relative additives’ batching, which allow the production of several types of concrete, always aiming to constant quality and enviable precision.

Perfect for small yards and for average concrete production, the dry-batch plant EURO 4VE/WET is designed to fit in standard shipping containers, making them easy to transport and handle. The plant can be configured for central or lateral aggregate extraction. Depending on the geographical position the plant can be supplied with plugging, insulation and cooling systems for cold countries and with a set of devices for the addition of ice into the mixture for warm countries.

Equipped with planetary mixer, EUROMECC precast concrete plants ensure to produce homogeneous high quality precast concrete. The aggregate storage capacity varies from 95 m3 up to 260 m3. Several mixer models are available, with compacted concrete output per cycle from 0,25 m3 up to 3 m3.

The cold recycling technique is widely used in the requalification of road surfaces. It consists in using the milled material coming from old bituminous conglomerates and, with it, reconstitute a new bituminous conglomerate with a binder such as cold bitumen emulsion or foamed bitumen. More in detail, the production of cold asphalt is distinguished from the hot process for the following differences: • removal of aggregates heating phase establishing a safer working environment, a considerable reduction of fuel consumption and almost the total elimination of emissions into the atmosphere; • mixtures composed by 100% of recycled material while, for hot process, it is around 30%; • possibility to do all the process phases in situ with a lot of advantages concerning operations’ speed execution and reduction of transport to and from the construction site. Continuous mixing plants suitable for the cement mixture production, with hourly output up to 300 m3/h. Designed for zero slump concrete and road basement foundations. Equipped with continuous mixer MC, the dosage of the cement is controlled by a weighing system with 3 loading cells set up on the cement batcher.