Cista Skin Care - Body Scrub - Coffee - 300gm

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This handmade coffee scrub is made from all natural and organic ingredients to provide the best result for you skin.
COFFEE Ki ck start your skin with a shot of espresso. Cellulite and unwanted marks wont be able to keep up!
SHEA BUTTER Our favorite kind of butter! What a hydrating ingredient this is! This is our secret weapon to all skin issues... but shhh... don't tell anyone.
ARGAN OIL Not only does it make a good hair mask, it's a great moisturiser! This oil can multitask like you wouldn't believe, we never go without it.
Directions: Step 1:Get into your Birthday Suite Step 2:Apply Coffee Body Scrub head to toe on dry skin*. Step 3:Give extra love to areas such as: scars, stretch marks, dry spots and cellulite and be gentle on your face Step 4:Leave on for 2-5 minutes then rinse
*While we only use natural ingredients, we encourage you to spot test on your hand before applying large amounts to your body.Please store in a cool dry place, asCoconutOil has a melting point of 24 degrees and Shea Butter has ameltingpoint of 31 degrees. Not for oral consumption.
Our product range is cruelty free, vegan, free of all parabens, synthetic fragrances and phthalates. All of our products are handmade using only the highest quality ingredient and are organically and ethically sourced where possible. Due to our products being handmade, some batches my vary in colour and consistency.
To make a conscious effort in becoming sustainable we aim to be plastic free wherever possible. Once exhausted, our glass jars and bottles can be re-used, repurposed or recycled.