Cinnamon & clove - Soap - Stonetown

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Stonetown: Zanzibar’s historic old town… a merging of Swahili, Indian and Arabic cultures

Stonetown brings spice and citrus together for a fresh scent blend.  Cinnamon and Clove combine with Orange and May Chang essential oils for this invigorating bar.  Coloured from the pantry, with paprika, cinnamon and clove powders, this bar is truly mouth-watering!

Ingredients: Coconut Oil**, Olive Oil*, Filtered Rain Water, Shea Butter**, Sodium Hydroxide, Cacao Butter**, Castor Oil*, Kaolin Clay, Paprika, Cinnamon Powder, Clove Powder, Essential Oils of Orange, May Chang, Cinnamon Leaf* & Clove Leaf

** Organic/Fair Trade | * Organic


To get the most from your hand made soap, please use a soap rack and allow the soap to dry between uses

As this product is hand made in small batches, each soap will have a slight variance in design and colour

Discontinue use if any irritation occurs