Aussie Seed Bombs - 262030 - HAPPY CHOOK MIX

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Keeping your Chickens happy & healthy couldn't be easier with this unique mix of fast growing green foraging mix. Even free range Chooks need a variety, for a balanced diet. Fantastic all season sowing varieties.Specifically selected for a balance of proteins and minerals, your backyard Lads and Ladies will thank you.

Easily grown on the ground or in trays, allow the mix to sprout before introducing the Chickens to the area.

Size: 6 Pk (Approx 5-15 seeds per bomb)

Aussie Seed Bombs can be used on prepared or unprepared soil 

ground.  They are convenient and easy to use just

throw or place and go. No Digging or kneeling.  

Use in garden beds, pots, planters or hanging baskets.

Specifically formulated for optimum protection, Germination

and Seedling Nutrition.

Suitable for all climates in Nsw, Act, Vic or Qld