Aussie Seed Bombs - 262015 - Cool Love Bug Mix

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A selective cool climate mix of approx. 15-20 gorgeous flowering varieties that are perfect to attack & support the

Bees & Butterflies in your garden. These beautiful self seeding flowers are easy to grow & can handle all Australian

climates. Some varieties include but not limited to- Calendula; Marigolds; Poppy; Borage; Cosmos; Snapdragon; Pansy; Daisy;

Fox Gloves; Cornflower; Chrysanthemum and Aster.


Size: 6 Pk (Approx 5-15 seeds per bomb


Aussie Seed Bombs can be used on prepared or unprepared soil o

ground.  They are convenient and easy to use just

throw or place and go. No Digging or kneeling. Use in

garden beds, pots, planters or hanging baskets.

Specifically formulated for optimum protection, Germination

and Seedling Nutrition.

Suitable for all climates in Nsw, Act, Vic or Qld