Aussie Seed Bombs - 262002 - Everlasting Daisy

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Native to Australia the Everlasting Daisy is commonly known as the paper daisy. Built for Aussie conditions

the beauty and ease in which they grown are a perfect addition to any garden. Paper daisies can be grown all year in warm climates and are fantastic cut flowers with the ability to self seed.

Size: 6 Pk (Approx 5-15 seeds per bomb

Aussie Seed Bombs can be used on prepared or unprepared soil o

ground.  They are convenient and easy to use… just

throw or place and go. No Digging or kneeling.  Use in

garden beds, pots, planters or hanging baskets.

Specifically formulated for optimum protection, Germination

and Seedling Nutrition.

Suitable for all climates in Nsw, Act, Vic or Qld