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ELKOMIX-90 QUICK MASTER Compact Concrete Batching Plant which is equipped with 2250/1500 l. ELKON twin shaft mixer can reach 75 m³ vibrated concrete production capacity in an hour by producing 1.5 m3 concrete in every batch.hzs concrete batching plantELKON Compact Concrete Batching Plants, which reflect ELKON's manufacturing culture based on high technology and experience since 1975, provides the following advantages to its users: - Quick and easy installation (only 2 days) - Cost effective sea and land transportation - Possibility of installation on a confined space - Quick and easy relocation - Flexibility in the configuration - Minimum foundation cost (only flat concrete surface is adequate for installation) - Easy maintenance and low operating costs - High production performance with optimized automation system

Romania, the exceptional country of Eastern Europe is rapidly developing in construction business. The company which operates in many different sectors in Romania, decided to go into the ready-mix concrete sector. After evaluating many different alternative suppliers, the company has decided work with ELKON, who proved its quality by supplying concrete batching plants to 115 countries of the world. ELKON’s ELKOMIX-90 Quick Master Compact Concrete Batching Plant equipments such as ELKON Twinshaft Mixer, aggregate storage bins, cement silos and screws etc. are welded by 13 different automated welding robots without any human touch in 4 facilities at Cherkezkoy Industrial Zone. ELKOMIX-90 Quick Master Compact Concrete Batching Plant is equipped with 2 units of 75 tons cement silo, 4x20 m3 inline agregate storage bins and Elkon Twinshaft mixer capable of 1,5 m3 wet-mix per batch. Therefore, Elkomix-90 Quick Master reaches up to 75 m3/hour production with these features. Thanks to its unrivaled design, ELKOMIX-90 Quick Master Compact Concrete Batching Plant provides flexibility to its user with the mobility and compactness. Quick assembly and minimum foundation cost are some other advantages that ELKOMIX-90 Quick Master Compact Concrete Batching Plant provides.